Lesson Learned

Wild land fires can get out of control in seconds.  This can be exacerbated by ill preparation.

Six years ago the out of control fires had reached an all time high.  A simple solution seemed to be to hit the burners where their pocket books were. A fee based wild land fire system would be implemented. If adequate control wasn’t prepared then the fee would be invoked.

It seemed like a logical approach and the number of wild land fires went down.  But little did I know the farmers weren’t happy with the fees.

Months later I almost got terminated.  I can’t say for sure that this was the lone reason, but it sure appeared that way.   I was asked by a commissioner to clear a fee, which I did.

Even though I did as asked, the damage had been done.  Months later a motion was made to terminate me.  I was fortunate that the two other commissioners didn’t vote yes too.

Lesson learned – a logical solution isn’t always a good solution.

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