Nine Year Old is a True Hero 

JeffNine year old Hunter was laying in bed when he heard the smoke detector and saw the smoke. That was when his fire safety lessons came into play.

Hunter got down low on the floor and crawled towards his sister’s room.  He alerted her about the fire.  She had ignored the smoke detector warning thinking it had something to do with the facial she had put on.

A plugin aroma device had shorted out and dropped embers into a garbage can that was placed right below the plugin.  From there the fire quickly consumed the bathroom and caused significant damage to one of the bedrooms.

Once outside Hunter and his sister alerted their parents who were in the garage.

Hunter was taught his fire safety lessons by Master Firefighter Caleb Carson in the Junior Firefighter school program.

Hunter and his parents came down to the fire station this evening to meet with Caleb and a State Farm insurance representative.   Caleb gave Hunter a fire department challenge coin in recognition of his heroic action.  The insurance representative gave Hunter a life saving certificate.

Caleb also gave Hunter a ride in the fire truck.

Hunter is a true hero.

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