Out of Service

All equipment reaches a time when it needs to be retired.  Case in point was a Salina American LaFrance Ladder Truck.  The truck was a 1947 model.

The truck was an open cab with screw-out outriggers.  The aerial unit itself had a slight turn to the right when fully extended.  It certainly had some issues.

The fire came in the downtown, a three story brick commercial building.  The fire had a good start on firefighters and was located in the upper stories.

The truck was set up alongside the curb.  Two firefighters were on the ladder when the outrigger closest to the curb flipped over. This sent the ladder folding into the building.

Luckily it stopped when it rested on the wall of the building.  The firefighters both came close to the fire but neither firefighter suffered serious injury.

Not to long afterwards the ladder was taken out of service.  Probably a little later than it should have.  Tragedy shouldn’t drive truck replacement.


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