Police, fire, public works join to repair house

house-repairStory by Julie Clements

One El Dorado man is having a brighter Christmas this year due to the efforts of the El Dorado Police and Fire departments and Public Works employees.

The group gathered early Friday morning to clean and repair Gary’s house, but plans started a week before.

Officer Paul Sanders with the El Dorado Police Department started the project after he received a call to the house last Friday night.

He said the call was confusing because someone was saying they had a water leak in the kitchen and was afraid it would start a fire. Dispatch sent the police department and that was when Sanders met Gary.

“I helped get the water turned off and I helped him out at least for the evening,” Sanders said. “I saw he was living in less than the best conditions.”

He said the house was in bad shape and invested with bugs.

Sanders said he talked with his colleagues and they talked to their lieutenant about doing something for Gary and his dog right before Christmas.

“Our lieutenant thought it was a great idea,” Sanders said. “The entire city has pulled together.”

The city donated used furniture, that was nicer than what Gary had, as well as such things as plates, cups, cutlery, dog food and treats and more. They also had a bed donated, because Gary did not have one and was just sleeping in his recliner.

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