Refuge Truck Fire

trash-truckReport by Captain Yaghjian

At approximately 10:53 hrs, on 11/21/16, the El Dorado Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of Boyer and Central for a refuge truck on fire. Engine 9 responded with Lieutenant Shane McCoy and Firefighter Chris McGathy. Pickup 1 responded with Captain Tony Yaghjian and Master Firefighter Caleb Carson. Pumper 3 was requested by Command and responded with Lieutenant Mike Rose. Upon arrival, we found a large refuge truck, with heavy smoke showing from the rear compartment. Lieutenant McCoy assumed command and we started fire attack from the rear of the vehicle. 

Efforts were made to gain better access to the fire, but all the hydraulics parts were not working. We gained access from the top of the truck using the K12 saw and applied a piercing nozzle into the debris in the truck. The fire was contained at this point and the truck was moved to a safer location for the off loading of the materials. After the truck was moved the hydraulics began to work and the truck unloaded all its contents and the fire was extinguished. It was the garbage in the dump truck that was on fire. 

The initial heat source was undetermined after investigation. There was fire damage to the body of the truck on the right, rear side due to high heat. A dozer was brought out by El Dorado Public Works to separate the trash and check for any smoldering debris. All the trash was sprayed with AFFF- ATC Foam for precautionary measures. All Fire units cleared the scene at approximately 12:17 hrs. This is all I have to report at this time.

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