Relay Pumping

Relay 4More and more home owners are building this way.  Out in the country with a bit of acreage in the county down a long, narrow dirt roadway for a drive with no fire hydrant.

This presents a challenge for firefighters.  Getting trucks down the narrow drive as well as turning them around to get back onto the roadway.

So, firefighters from northern Butler County got together last evening to train on these kind of fires.  The method practiced was for the first pumper that arrives on scene, (before driving down the driveway) drop a feeder hose at the driveway entrance.

The second pumper that arrives on scene places a “Y” connector on the end of the feeder.  It is now a water supplier for the pumper.  The “Y” has a clapper valve in it so either one or two pumpers can pump into the hose feeding the pumper at the house.

The second truck on scene also hooks into the “Y”.  As one pumper finishes pumping its water it pulls away and another tanker takes the place of the first pumper, and so forth.

The operation can continue on for as long as there is a pumper to feed the on scene pumper.  Nobody has to go down the narrow roadway except the first pumper.

Great training by all involved.

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