Remembering Poncho

ponchoStory by Chief Moody

Ten years ago the holidays were in full swing. Three year old Poncho’s mother Twilia had just acquired a job at a local nursing home. She dropped Poncho and his older brother Rogue off at the babysitter. Her name was Charity.

Charity’s four year old daughter Monique and the boys were playing upstairs later that morning when it happened.

The investigation revealed that the three children started the fire in a closet with a lighter. Rogue and Monique were rescued, but Poncho died.

Every year there are tragedies that happen during the holidays. Sometimes the tragedies are directly tied to the holidays.

Homes are decorated with electrical lighting and aroma pots. The extra load on electrical circuits is sometimes more than the system can handle. Some choose live Christmas trees that may or may not be fresh.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can also lead to tragedy. Anyone who has children knows that a child left unattended can lead to trouble.

So, keep a close eye on children.

Keep all flame producing items out of the reach of children.

Keep dry trees out of your house.

Keep extra electrical items to a minimum.

Remember, it’s always easier to prevent than to cure.

Let Poncho be your reminder.

*Photo by professional photographer Tom Dorsey

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