Rodney Reed Retirement

Rodney ReedRodney Reed.  The name has a powerful ring to it.  Most people only get a name as powerful as Rodney Reed by changing it – like an actor.

Chief Moody remembers meeting Rodney when he came to a volunteer recognition event days from his first day with El Dorado.  The event was at East Park.  During that party a person was recognized as the volunteer of the year.  It was a repeat performance bestowed upon Rodney.

Chief Moody told the crowd, “Now we are gathered here this evening to recognize Rodney for over 20 years of service to the citizens of El Dorado.  During this time span Rodney has put out too many fires to remember them all.”

As much as any one item the firefighter helmet is a sign of the fire profession.  Chief Moody presented Rodney with his fire helmet as a sign of appreciation.

Captain Jack Zimmerman was then asked to come forward to make the presentations from the firefighters.  Firefighters gave Rodney an eight foot long oak board with two pieces of fire hose that each of the firefighters signed.

Several other firefighters came forward and told some stories after which cake and punch was served.  Rodney will be sorely missed.


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