Sorting Mail Danger

MailHouses in rural Kansas are sometimes far and in between. So, it gave *Bob “the mail carrier” the chance to do a bit of mail sorting while driving from one house to the next.

And that was what Bob was doing this particular day.

Like many Kansas roads, this one was loose sand and gravel. And, the terrain was as flat as a pancake – one could see as far as one’s sight would allow.

As vehicles travel the roadway loose gravel has a tendency to gravitate towards each ditch. On a regular basis the roadway has to be pushed back over the middle with a truck and a blade.  And, unfortunately it had been a while since the push back.

So, back to Bob.

Bob was sorting his mail as he drove along the desolate road. No problem, or so he thought.  But, in the blink of an eye the right front tire drifted into the loose gravel.  The car was immediately pulled towards the ditch.

In response Bob quickly turned the steering wheel to the left in an effort to bring the car back from the ditch. Regrettably, when Bob did this instead of pulling the car back onto the roadway it tilted the car.

And it didn’t stop there. The car kept tilting until it rolled completely onto its’ top.

Another unfortunate thing was Bob’s lack of seat belt usage. As the car rolled onto its’ top, Bob came out of his seat and slammed his head forward when it struck the inside of the rooftop.

As the medic in charge, I walked up to the side of the vehicle and asked Bob if he was hurt.  Bob’s response back was, “I can’t feel anything.”

Bob didn’t have a scratch on him, but his injury was serious. He had broken his neck.  Bob was taken to the hospital, but sadly he did not survive his injury.

Bob had violated two driving operator rules – he had been inattentive and he failed to use his seatbelt.

Learn the lessons from Bob. You can be killed with just the right mechanism of injury.  Follow all the safety rules knowing your life could depend upon it.

*Bob was not this gentleman’s name. It was changed to protect his identity.  

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