There’s a Difference

DandelionFlower2*Story by Chief Moody

My grandmother was a young divorced mother of three during one of the most difficult times for a mother in America – the depression years. One would think that such a tough life would’ve left her bitter, but it didn’t. She was the same jovial self even later in life when she was stricken with full-scale rheumatoid arthritis.

So the other day, while going through some old papers, I came across a short story Grandma had given me and it brought sense to her happiness. The story was called, “There’s a Difference.”

The story is about two flowers. The time is spring when everything is in full bloom. A young countess comes down the roadway in her carriage and sees a beautiful apple tree’s blossoms. Amazed at the beauty, she breaks off a bough and takes it to her castle where it’s placed near a window in a container with other beautiful flowers. The result was the bough became very pleased with itself, not unlike what a human being would do.

People came to the castle to see the flowers and they talked. Listening, the apple blossom realized the difference between the people. And being near the window the apple blossom was able to look out and see other plants and flowers. It realized there was a difference there too.

One plant in particular was looked down upon. It was a poor despised weed that was everywhere and it had a horrible name – the “Devil’s Milk Pail”. The apple blossom pitied the flower that was so common and carried such an ugly name.

But there was somebody else who saw no difference. His name was sunbeam. And it was said that he kissed the apple blossom, but also kissed the dandelion. And all the sunbeam’s brothers kissed them, the poor flowers as well as the rich ones. The sunbeam then tried to convince the apple blossom of the dandelion’s beauty.

At first the apple blossom refused to believe the sunbeam. And then a group of children showed their love of the plain dandelion. Then an old woman showed how valuable the dandelion could be. But, ultimately the convincing act was when the countess chose to paint the dandelion beside the apple blossom.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world think like the apple blossom – they look down on the dandelions. But, there are also some who look down on the apple blossoms. For years I was in that second group. It took years of maturing for me to finally think like the sun beam. My Grandmother tried to tell me years before by sharing the story “There’s a Difference.”

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