Tower #1 Christening

Christ 18Whenever a fire department goes through the process of buying a new fire truck a  committee from within the department visits the different plants. It’s through those trips that the group develops the specifications which must be met.

Afterwards is the bid letting.

The truck is then awarded to the manufacturer who meets the specifications and is overall the best choice.

During the building process members of the truck committee make two trips back to the plant to make sure specifications are being met.   Once the truck is built and meets all specifications, it’s delivered to the fire department.

That brings us to today.

The Tower 1 truck committee consisted of Captain Max Brown, Captain Troy Jellison, Captain Jack Zimmerman, Lieutenant Shane McCoy, and Lieutenant Michael Rose.   As you see the truck, the group clearly did a marvelous job.  The crowd gave them a round of applause.

ChristServing at the time of Tower 1 being conceptualized was City Manager Herb Llewellyn, Mayor Michael Fagg, Commissioners Chase Locke, Nick Badwey, Bill Young, and David Chapin, and Fire Chief Ken Nakaten.  At the end of acquiring this vehicle was the addition of Mayor Vince Haines, Commissioners Gregg Lewis and Kendra Wilkinson.  Without their support Tower 1 wouldn’t have been possible.  The crowd gave them a round of applause.

Dating back as far as one can look is the practice of christening a new fire truck. The very first fire trucks were horse drawn and many of the streets were dirt.  As a matter of fact the City of El Dorado had two horses named Ned and Ted, which we have a custom made decal on Tower 1 depicting them.

Anyway, historically fire trucks are washed on the apron entrance before they are pulled into the fire station. Firefighters also have a long tradition of keeping their fire trucks polished clean.  So, the trucks are washed before they are pulled back into the fire station after a call for service making them ready for call.

Children and some adults came forward and helped christen Tower 1 by washing it down.

Chief Moody asked for everyone’s attention. He then asked everybody to bow their heads while he said the blessing for Tower 1.

Bless This Truck

 Lord, the emergencies they will be many.

Often times this truck and those who ride it will be in harm’s way.

Father, Bless this Truck and the men and women who man it.

Protect it and protect them while they protect others.

All this we ask humbly of you.


Mayor Vince Haines did the honors of the “cutting of the tape?” Afterwards, retired Captain and truck committee chair, Max Brown, officially sounded the sirens as he backed into the fire station. He then radioed Dispatch putting the truck into official service with the following message:   “Dispatch, this is El Dorado Tower 1.  Please officially place Tower 1 in service.” 

A number of people then helped dry the truck.

Tower 1 will have a long, safe, successful life with the El Dorado Fire Department.

The event concluded with thanks to everyone for coming out for the truck christening.




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