Training Tower

Tower4You can do training without one., but ISO Insurance Service Organization gives you points towards your fire rating if you have one, and it makes training a lot safer.  That thing is a training tower.

Yesterday morning the crane was lifting the training pods onto their spots.  Because of anticipated high winds the top pod wasn’t lifted onto its’ spot until today.

The pod system has a number of features built into it.  There’s a door that can be forcibly opened.  There’s a gable roof section that allows firefighters to cut roofing holes.  A burn room, a confined space prop, a sprinkler system, , a rappelling spot, and a stand pipe system

The training tower was made possible through a partnership between Butler Community College and the City of El Dorado.  The college paid for the training tower itself and the city provided the land, the concrete support pods and drive pads, the placement of a fire hydrant, and the running of the electrical.

The training tower will be an invaluable tool for years to come.  Many people were instrumental in getting the training tower.  A formal opening ceremony of the training tower will take place as soon as all the work is complete.

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