Wildland Fires Aplenty

wdld3Firefighters were just finished fighting a wild land fire on SE 50th and Highway 77 when they were paged to another wild land fire on 13th and Blue Stem.

Heavy winds and heavy grasslands made the firefight that much more difficult.  Leon firefighters assisted with the firefight on both fires.

During this same time firefighters in the Andover/Rose Hill district fought a grass fire of their own.  And Cassoday was working on one of theirs on the turnpike.

Rural property owners need to be extra careful not to start any fires purposely of accidentally.  The fire on 13th and Bluestem was started by a burn barrel emitting sparks.

Great job by all departments.

*Great job also by Chad Wittenberg – who not only took photos, he even pitched in to help with fence repairs.

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